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This site is intended to show the work I have done over my career. Courses are open and can be viewed, use the menus above to access resources that are available to everyone.

For the rest of the visitors, it is my presence on the web. Look around if you want.

I am a retired Physics, Calculus teacher and a part-time paramedic (PCP-IV). I love games of chance and playing golf.

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I taught secondary school for 32 years (1982-2014) and currently work as a paramedic (1984-current).  Over the years I have seen both professions change immensely.  While this site doesn't chronicle the development of each of my careers, it is an accumulation of my work and enjoyment. I still work for the BC Ambulance Service as a PCP-IV.

This site contains information and resources for the courses that I taught and some of my personal and professional experiences.

For my 60th birthday, I jumped from the Stratosphere in Las Vegas!