About Me

Retired Physics & Calculus teacher (1982-2014, 32 yrs). Retired Paramedic (1984-2018). Returned to part-time status immediately after and currently working as a medic.


Started teaching in Princeton, BC, where I also began my paramedic career. Moved to Abbotsford, BC, 4 years later and worked for the Langley School District until 2007. Switched to online learning with Fraser Valley Distance Education with the Chilliwack School District until retirement. Worked simultaneously on weekends, holdiday, summer as a paramedic throughout my entire teaching career. Retired to collect a second pension, but was rehired on another part-time basis, were I slowed down and moved into the oil & gas secotor as a paramedic.


Prime Minister's Award

Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excelence in Science and Mathematics (1995).

In addition, I worked on a project in Mexico for 3 years, with the Open School Agency to train teachers on the use of using technology in the classroom.


Developed online courses in 2001 and made those available only to the students that I taught.

After retireing, I decided to open all my resources to everyone and have been slowly updating them to html5 comptability. To date I have Physics 12, Physics 11, Science 10 online in html5 versions. They consist of course content and assessment (practice, quiz, tests) all with answers (most detailed). Currently working on Sc 8 & 9 along with Earth Science 11, all a work in progress. To anyone who uses them, enjoy.