I love watching the sky (day or night). There is so much to see. A story I like to tell is when I purchased my first telescope (6" reflector) in highschool, I used to spend many nights all year viewing what ever was available.  However, during my last year of university, with money running tight, I had to sell my beloved telescope to the local college just to pay rent. It did allow me to graduate and go on, but I never did replace that telescope.  It is on my list of things to do...

James Webb Telescope

Launch and deployment of JW to the Lagrange 2 point.

Links to each telescopes website: James Webb Telescope and The Hubble Space Telescope

For a comparison on the specifications of the two telescopes visit the NASA site: Webb vs Hubble Telescope.

I made a special trip to Jackson, Wyoming to watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse, my second to date.