Courses that I teach and links to enter the course site. Each course is broken into modules, sections and individual lessons. Guided Practice Activity questions appear at the end of each lesson and are self-checked. Labs and section assignments appear within the lesson's table of contents.

Physics Two Dimensions

Physics 12 equivalent extends the knowledge from Physics 11 to two dimensional analysis. Topics covered include: Kinematics, Dynamics, Energy & Momentum, Torque & Equilibrium, Circular Motion, Gravitation, Electrostatics, Electricity, and Electromagnetism.

Physics 2D Course

Physics One Dimension

Physics 11 equivalent is an introductory course to Physics. There is some mathematical rigor to the course, with the majority of problems being solved with basic algebraic techniques. Topics in Physics 11 are one dimensional and include: Kinematics, Dynamics, Momentum, Energy (Thermal & Nuclear), Special Relativity, Waves & Optics.

Physics 1D Course

Earth Science 11

Earth Science 11 is an introductory course exploring various aspects of Earth's geology, atmosphere, water, and Space Science.


Science 10

Science 10 is a provincially examinable course. Students must complete a provincial exam (20%) before earning credit for Science 10. Science 10 topics consist of Biology (Ecosystems & Interactions), Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.